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Quality Lift Chairs For Sale In Brisbane


Our range of lift chairs are specifically selected to ensure the highest levels of quality, performance and reliability – representing outstanding value for money.


Browse our range of electric lift chairs for sale below or contact us directly on 1300 460 070 to speak with someone from our highly experienced customer service team.

Single Motor Electric Lift Chair

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Black Leather Dual Motor Electric Lift Chair

Quality 4 Motor Electric Lift Chair

How To Choose The Right Lift Chair


Whether you are purchasing an electric lift chair for a loved one or yourself, there are some important considerations to ensure you select the most suitable chair for you or your patients needs.


Single or Dual Motor


Single motor lift chairs are the cheapest and are commonly sold by furniture retailers. As there is only one motor, the back rest and foot rest can’t be adjusted independently, meaning the seat is fixed in an upright position.


Dual motor electric lift chairs offer higher levels of adjustability as the back rest and foot rest can be operated independently. This provides the user with a larger range of seating positions and the ability to lay the chair flat for sleeping.


4 motor electric lift chairs perform as a 2 function lift chair with independent action for the backrest and foot rest. Additionally the head rest and lumbar support are fully electrically adjustable via the hand controller eliminating the need for pillows to readjust your position. This provides even more freedom of use and adjustment for comfort along with reducing the need for repositioning while in the chair.


All our lift chairs come with USB charging for your phone, ipad or laptop to make it even easier to remain in the most comfortable chair in the house.



Fabric / Coverings


Lift recliner chairs are typically available in fabric, vinyl and leather. For in home use, fabric chairs are often the least expensive, however may require more thorough cleaning, particularly if the user experiences continence issues. Vinyl and leather chairs are typically more expensive, however can be more hygienic / easier to clean. Our leather lift chairs use quality hide leather as apposed to fake coverings offered by lift chairs from furniture shops that rapidly deteriorate in the heat. Our hide leather is lasting and will wear with you and soften with use.




Whilst some of the large furniture retailers stock lift chairs, we strongly advise you to shop around to ensure you’re getting a quality product at a fair price. Often these retailers offer a range of additional features and colours, which can on the face of it seem appealing, however many of these lift chairs are of inferior quality and don’t represent value for money. Very often the coverings rapidly deteriorate in our hot climate and the motors can fail within a few years from purchase. The quality of the lift chairs we offer, provide a set and forget benefit with quality coverings, construction and motors ensuring many years of trouble free use and no requirement for maintenance.

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